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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Now I'm Dreaming. Can I Believe?

Liverpool's victory over Manchester City meant that I was daring to dream. Could it possibly be that the first League title since I was seven years old is finally within our grasp, all these years later?

As a Liverpool fan, I rarely have cause to complain. I've seen three FA Cups, five League Cups, a UEFA Cup and a European Cup all make their way back to the Anfield trophy cabinet. Compared to pretty much everyone except Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea, the Premier League era has been good to Liverpool in every way except one: the actual Premier League title itself.

'Here's another plastic scouser coming out of the woodwork when the title is currently two wins and a draw away,' you might say. 'Here's a lifelong Liverpool fan desperately latching on to something important as a reason to keep posting on his blog', I say.

Having an actual, you know, job is rather getting in the way of lazing around all day at the beach, hitting the gym when I fancy, and forming instant opinions based on Huffpost and Daily Mail headlines I've not  bothered to click on before writing about them at length in a blog with nearly 22,000 lifetime views. (Seriously, an average of 100 views per post is pretty good going for a blog that is barely promoted except to my paltry tally of social media followers).

With three games to go, we are five points ahead of Chelsea and six ahead of Manchester City (who have a game in hand, making that six points more likely to be three). Two wins and a draw is 'all' we need to win the Premier League.That is, of course, assuming that the two chasing teams don't lose any points along the way, which they both did in the last couple of weeks as Liverpool marched on in thrilling goalfest performances.

I've also noticed from fans of teams who aren't in the title race that they'd rather Liverpool win the League than any other. Chelsea are derided as boring, park-the-bus types who have had Abramovich's oil billions to unfairly buy the title. Manchester City, too, have their Abu Dhabi oil billions to assemble the most well-pad squad in history and, although they can be great to watch, they don't feel like the everyman City teams of old. Liverpool, on the other hand, play great attacking football, have some amazing talent and, above all, have a lot of English players while doing it. Sterling, Sturridge, Johnson, Henderson and Flanagan give us the English players that people can more easily support as a neutral, while England Captain Steven Gerrard's appeal goes much further than any of those.

It's not until we've beaten Chelsea will I join in on "we're going to win the League". Maybe a weakened squad with plenty of changes that they may make in preparation to host Atletico Madrid, but still Chelsea. Still Mourinho.

Still Anfield. Still on a run of beating everyone put before us. 25 years after Hillsborough, 24 years since we last won the title. Not long, surely, before Steven Gerrard hangs up his boots. No Champions League distractions and a World Cup squad to try and play yourself into. Surely, after this weekend I can finally, truly believe that the title is within our grasp.


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